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Are you comfortable enough?

It all started working, until I got stuck. How to get unstuck? Well you've been doing one process, and getting pretty comfortable with this process; it's something that you know, and it gave you results until now. What's changed?

See one of the greatest principles in life, is that of change. However, human beings are uncomfortable with change, because change=unknown, and we fear that which we do not know. If you can live harmoniously with all of the principles of life, then life will live harmoniously with you. So when life doesn't give you results with one process any longer, then that means it's time to do something different, and different means uncomfortable, since you are not familiar.

Consider this. You have been lifting 10kg of weight your first 3 weeks at the gym. It's slightly hard lifting this 10kg of weight, because you're not used to lifting such a weight. It has been giving you good results. Your muscles are getting bigger. For 3 weeks your muscles got really big. But after 3 weeks, the 10kg feels very easy to lift. 6 weeks later, you are still lifting this 10kg, but it is not giving you any more muscle gains anymore. No more results. So one day you decide to try out the 20kg. 20kg feels very hard now since you're used to the 10kg. But within the first 2 weeks, you are seeing very impressive results with the 20kg; now you are gaining even more muscle! So what happened?

You've stepped out of your comfort zone, and you grew!

The law of attraction also works like this. When you start to expand your comfort zone, by doing things that you were PREVIOUSLY uncomfortable doing, then you allow the universe to give more to you, by exploring an uncharted

territory that you previously did not explore before. When you expand your comfort zone, you take up a new activity that was previously uncomfortable and then you keep doing it until it BECOMES comfortable, you make it a channel through which the universe can give to you.

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