Does Manifestation Even Work, Or Is Karma At Play?

Recently I’ve been researching something that’s been bothering me for a while: karma. This is a big question in the reality creation scheme: am I really able to manifest and write my own destiny, or is it written for me?

The common misconception of karma is that it means: what goes around comes around. That is highly inaccurate. Karma directly translates to: action. And this isn’t just physical action, it is also all the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, identities and even the very energy within you.

So now do you create your reality, or does your reality create you? The reason people struggle so much with manifesting is because of this law of karma. In yoga, there are 4 types of karma: agama, sanchita, parabhda and kriyamana.

The nature of karma is to create bondage. Karma is essentially this cosmic debt. There is good karma and there is bad karma. Good actions & bad actions. But really this again are just two sides of the same coin; the universe doesn’t see that. Even when your actions are good, you still have karma, and you are still in bondage.

Yogis and those gearing themselves for spiritual enlightenment, are concerned with dropping ALL karma. No karma is good for them because it ensures this compulsive cycle.

Karma is the only thing that creates reality. Yogis don’t want to be in reality, they want to be in divine enlightened bliss lol.

For you and me however, let’s get to goal achievement. So now we know that if we free ourselves, we can be free to choose which karma we want. The only way to rid yourself of karma, is consciousness.

When you say to yourself: “I’m just a night person, this is just who I am”. You’ve consolidated this unconscious part of yourself that determines your own personality trait. Truth is, if you were to bring in more and more consciousness, after a certain point you could determine whether you CHOOSE to be a night person, morning person or even 24/7 person. That choice should always be yours. Since right now you are succumbing to that unconscious part of you, you are giving up the possibility that it could be made conscious.

Do you see how this relates to goal achievement? As a result of the “paradbhda karma” (whatever is playing itself out right now as a result of that which has been accumulated unconsciously) your life is in a certain way. It is COMPLETELY possible to change your own destiny. Consciousness is the key to solving anything.

When you say “ahh I’m just a night owl” you’re unconsciously identifying yourself with this quality. It DEFINES you. When you CHOOSE to be a night own, consciously then it’s a completely different matter. This is why identity shifting works, this is what the Reality Mastery Program is all about. What you call your “self” right now, is an unconscious collection of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habits.... We want to turn this process CONSCIOUS so you can choose which character you embody.

When you become aware of your thoughts, you stop identifying with the mind. When you become aware of your body, you stop identifying with the body. Awareness and consciousness go hand in hand.


To rid yourself of karma and this bondage, work on undoing the shackles, with the tool of consciousness. Work on becoming a little more conscious every day, and you will see how in a month’s time even your life will completely transform. This is true reality creation.

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