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How I Spent my 22nd Birthday in a Grueling Yoga Event

Updated: May 14, 2019

Hey guys! So this weekend Bridget (my girlfriend) and I went to Sadhguru's Inner Engineering event, where we learned a powerful form of yoga practice (Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya). It was a 2 day event where we comprehensively dove in to the principles that help you live a more fulfilled life, and become more frictionless.

Some thoughts:

From my personal experience, I've noticed that the most valuable investment, is the one you make in yourself. When you buy programs, books, educating material, you can be assured that the returns will be immense. I've gone from a very frugal mindset of "I can find all of this online, so why should I pay for it?" to "continuously invest in anything that produces personal growth". You can find metal, mud, plastic and used electronics on the earth. That does not mean that you can assemble them into an iPhone. It is the correct combination of things that produces the results. Everything material is truly sourced from one energy, but this energy manifests itself in different ways. In this earth, the same energy that created the rocks, also created space crafts, but this energy is just arranged in a different way.

Deeper conclusion:

"Don't judge the history of the chef, enjoy the food he's serving".

After seeing hoards of people gather before him in complete worship, almost zombified, I was a little scared. It seemed that the consciousness of these people was getting hijacked. Then I started to look online, and how some people were losing their loved ones to this obsession of spiritual practice and growth, and to seeing sadhguru every time he arranges a program. In particular this woman mentioned that her husband ran off and isolated himself completely after learning some yoga practices and being completely obsessed with Sadhguru. Every inner engineering event he organized, the husband went because "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity".

Again, while there is nothing wrong with this, understand your own values and your own balance. Which version of yourself do you want to embody at this moment in time? Who is it that you're becoming?

To this I was reminded of a deeper principle of mine, which is: don't blindly trust any guru, teacher, educator. Take what they have to offer, experience it in action through application, and see if it works for you. Make your own conclusions. You are a unique arrangement of this beautiful one energy, and you are made this way to be this way. If you want to transcend this form and return to the source from which you came from, this form needs to be completely engaged in and there needs to be full involvement. Don't blindly follow any teacher, but don't be skeptical either. Approach everything with complete open mindedness and see if it works for YOU.

Here's a parting quote:

“Play the game with full involvement, but always remember that it’s just a game”



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