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How to Access Pure Intention

When we desire something in our lives, our attention and intention are not quite at the level that is required at first. Our attention is wavering, and our intention is tied up in overcoming the resistances we have to the object of our desires. Pure intention is a state in which there is action without thought. Most people have desire and excessive thinkingness when they are in pursuit of a result. When this happens, most of your intention energy is tied up in overcoming the resistance, rather than in the pursuit of your goals. We are steeped in desire and thinkingness, rather than in intention and executing. The craziest part: even when we're visualizing our final goals, there is an inner urge to manifest that final desire, and the visualization comes from a mindset of "I want this NOW" rather than enjoying the reality of your visions.

In this video, I discuss:

- The 3 ways in which you can access pure intention

- Why you should get into the habit of intending and executing rather than desiring and overthinking

- Getting into a Process Oriented mindset rather than a Results Oriented mindset

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