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How to activate Outer Intent for faster Manifestation

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Last two posts, we talked about Attention and Intention. The important discussion of reality creation, where you create your reality through first choosing, then making it manifest. Attention allows for the choice, and intention allows for its realization. The problem was, we are all half doing both of these tasks; we are half choosing and half intending. The video on attention will show you how to FULLY choose the reality you'd like to experience.

Although the video on intention will allow you to train your personal (inner) intention, aka what you DO in order to create a reality, for some of us, even this will not be enough. That's because inner intention may require a lifetime worth of work in order to create your reality. If you'd like to create your desired reality quicker, that's when outer intention comes into play.

See, outer intention is a skill that we've forgotten a long time ago. It was given to all of us, but due to a lack of usage, this muscle has atrophied over time.

Inner Intention is defined as: the resoluteness in your decision to act.

Outer intention is basically defined as: the resoluteness in your decision to have.

As you can see the key difference, outer intention does not care what actions are taken, rather is just concerned with having. Outer intention possesses the power to build pyramids and make manifestation effortless. Now you ask: how do I train my outer intention? That's the million dollar question. Check out the video on how to utilize what is known as the "plait" in order to activate your outer intention.

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