How To Manifest Anything By Undoing Karmic Ties

Lately I’ve been researching deeper and deeper into what actually makes the nature of physical reality such. Karma has been a big interest.

What I discovered was that nowadays, people are afraid to express themselves fully. They are afraid to laugh loudly, or cry wholly, or even just be goofy. “What would he think what would she think etc etc”. People are just living in continual suppression.

Now this is gonna get kinda dark. People who turn out to be school shooters, psychotic killers and the like, how do you think they get to that point? If you look deeply into their past, there has always been some for of suppression or deprivation somewhere.

You might be asking how this all relates to karma. Here’s how: see why the cases of neuroses, mental, physical illnesses are so high nowadays, is because the average man/woman now sits down 9-5, and largely stays inactive throughout their day to day lives. There is no physical exertion. If you look at our forefathers, they would chop wood for 12 hours a day. If you took today’s average man and threw him in the forest to chop wood for 12 hours a day, guaranteed 90% of his illnesses would subside.

Why are physical exertion & emotional expression important and how does this relate to karma? Karma is the only thing that creates physical reality. Karma means: action and not “what goes around comes around”. But it’s the very thing that binds one to physical existence. There is good karma and bad karma, but it is karma regardless.

Now in this lifetime, each and every one of us has an allotment of karma that needs to play itself out. If you were to live the way life was meant to be lived, when you get sad you cry, when you’re happy you laugh, and just run around with full physical exertion, all of the karma for this lifetime would play itself out naturally. Because we are living in suppression, we are creating newer problems that don’t necessarily have to be there.

Suppression is created in ways that you wouldn’t even IMAGINE. Example: if you keep saying these affirmations to yourself such as “I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, I’m happy” to yourself over and over, even when you don’t feel’ll see what happens in 5 years. It may not be something that you like. Unexpressed karma will find ways to express itself and undo itself.

So what can you do to solve this and actually use this concept to create more emptiness within yourself to create the “good karma” so that you can manifest your life the way you want?

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