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If you aren't Controlling your Reality, your Reality is Controlling You

Every single one of us has a little part of the Creator within, and so we were also meant to create. As we grow up, we're told that we're all victims to our circumstances. We're told things like:

"If you want to be rich, you must get lucky, or find the right business, or have the right skills"

"If you want to get good grades in school, then you have to be smart and a natural genius"

"If you want to find the partner of your dreams, then you have to be born good looking"

All of these basically amount to: "I'm not good enough"

But really, none of that matters. If you even searched online, you would find a handful of cases where poor people with no skills are making millions. Non-geniuses are getting genius grades. Non good looking people are finding partners they are into.

Actually, I lied. None of those are happening.

That's because it's true, if you're not smart, you won't get good grades. If you're not attractive you won't find someone who's into you.

So what's my point?

See, the people who once believed they weren't good enough, started a journey. This journey had a little flicker of hope: "I'm not good enough now, but I can be". This flicker of hope slowly was kindled into a flame, and this flame eventually became a wildfire, where the person's own belief in themselves changed fully from "I'm not good enough for these things" to "I am good enough for these things".

And this is the very thing that happened to me. So, upon a deeper look, it can be said that:

"It does not matter what is true, only what you believe is true, because with work, what you believe is true will become your new reality."

where Work = Attention + Intention

let's break this equation down.

Attention is your ability to choose a new reality that you would like to enter.

Intention is your ability to make this reality manifest.

Most people use some intention, but little to no attention.

. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

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