If You Don't Create Your Own Balance, Nature Will Create It For You

The reason why there are so many hurdles and obstacles that you have to deal with in your life, is because of the effect of polarization. Essentially it’s kind of like this: there’s a pendulum that swings from end to end, whatever you’re doing right now, if you keep doing this for the rest of your life, you’ll keep getting the same results over and over, and you’ll see that you will YEARN for a change within you. This is why so many people who feel like it’s groundhog day every day, don’t want to stay this way, because something within you is pulling you towards balance.

This is esoteric, but bear with me because it’s gonna be a gamechanger. The reason why you’re unable to achieve your goals without any sort of struggle or obstacle, is because all of these obstacles are self created with heightened importance on your part; whenever you put too much meaning on any of these things, then a problem arises, or X needs to go your way, or you’re sad that Y didn’t happen, etc. Because you’re swinging on one end of the pole, nature is creating this balance for you by generating events that are opposite to what you’re desiring. You keep doing one thing over and over, expecting a different result, that is the definition of insanity, right?

The 2 principles of life that explain why this phenomenon occurs: the law of variation, and the law of entropy. These both suggest that chaos is the natural state of life. Everything naturally goes to more and more disorder. You spray perfume into a room, it spreads out, your room gets dirty over time, etc. In order to create order, energy is required, eg- you expend energy to clean your room.

When you’re swinging on one end of the pendulum, just doing one thing over and over again, every single day without any change, then this disorder and chaos is disrupted & obstacles present themselves. The easiest way to achieve your goals is to RIDE THIS CHAOS, ride this entropic flow, but KNOW when to course correct by expending energy.

Seriously, if I’d known this a year ago, I wouldn’t have struggled so much every single day. Establishing your personal balance is key, without it there is always gonna be hardships lurking around the corner.

So the easiest way to achieve your goals is to swing between the two pendulums of order and chaos; eg - if you’re embarking on achieving a whole new set of goals, which is different from your current situation, there needs to be some chaos, or something needs to change. This is the concept of comfort zone.

But, be careful. Nowadays there are a lot of entrepreneurs & businessmen running around with their heads off trying 1001 different business angles all at once, this is again TOO MUCH chaos. So understanding where the balance is, when to balance it, is probably the biggest key missing in anyone’s manifestation journey.

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