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It's not manifesting because you're creating Excess Potential

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I've been getting a lot of questions surrounding "Excess Potential" and what this concept really is, so I wanted to take a minute to define it. This term comes from Reality Transurfing, a quantum physics approach to viewing reality & the events in it.

What is Excess Potential?

Excess Potential is defined as: "a localised disturbance in an otherwise stable energy field"

How is Excess Potential created?

Excess Potential is created through mental energy, when too much importance is attributed to a particular object.

What does this mean for me?

Any time you are at war with yourself, or at conflict with yourself, you are attributing excess importance to something in your life, and with this heightened importance level, you are disturbing the stable energy field of nature, so nature is acting to restore its balance. This is the exact reason why, when you desire something so badly, you never get it, only when you let go

of the desire, it comes into your life

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