Preventing Negative Thoughts from Manifesting

Why do negative thoughts manifest and do they actually manifest?! This is a concern that I've had for a while. I would always start worrying about these negative thoughts I was having as an impulsive reaction, based on the conditioning I'd been brought up with, or even my human nature. When something "bad" happens, we are conditioned to quickly express our dissatisfaction with it. However, most people on the path of the Law of Attraction, who know their thoughts are powerful, cause an even bigger concern for themselves: they start developing a negative attitude towards their impulsive expression of this dissatisfaction. Then they have a negative attitude TO this negative attitude, and thus begins the cycle of negativity.

Here's what we discuss in this video:

- The feedback loop from hell

- Incoming thoughts vs outgoing thoughts

- The power of positive and negative attention in creating our realities

- The manifestation delay time

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