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The Buyer's Frame: Influence Your Reality & Others

In life, we are always overvaluing or undervaluing something. Whenever the value is tipped in a particular direction, and too much importance is placed on one thing over another. Now you're verging into dependent relationships.

Whenever there is too much importance, or too little importance, this generates an imbalance in nature. Through our own attitudes, thoughts & feelings, we are able to generate potentials and influence our realities. Whenever you overvalue/undervalue something external to you, nature strives to restore this balance of importance. When going into dependent relationships, the principle is simple.

"I'm awesome and he's not!" "I'm smart and she's not!". This is the root of dependent relationships. Whenever there is comparison to something external, nature comes in to restore its balance.

How to avoid dependent relationships?

"I'm awesome. Period" or "I'm smart. Period". There is no comparison to this, or the reference is very limited. Strive to embody great qualities, but don't make it a battle against others. In this video, I share with you a powerful way to eliminate overvaluation.

Here's what we discuss:

- Overvaluation and how to eliminate it

- Dependent relationships

- The Buyer's Frame & how to implement it in different aspects of life

- Overvaluation in relationships, careers & social situations.

Let me know what you think in the comments?

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