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The Deity Creation Technique

Okay I keep my Reality Mastery program top secret, but today I'm gonna share with you a powerful technique from it, just to give you a taste of how powerful this identity shifting business can be.

See the problem with most people trying to achieve a goal is this: they have big goals and dreams, but their current character is not fit to achieve these goals, as a result they don't achieve them. Quazi 1.0 is not fit to live in the mansion, earn his $2M/month drive a Ferrari 488 Spyder, thus he doesn't live it. However, when you pin down exactly who it is you need to become (Quazi 2.0) in order to achieve your goals first, and then the doing comes, the having inevitably follows. You might be thinking the "doing" part is just "taking action" but it runs deeper than that, but that's a story for another day.

As a result of living in 1.0 mode, you keep reliving the patterns of the 1.0, the same every day mundane existence and it feels like groundhog day every day, with no movement towards lifeline that contains your goals. This is why the Becoming Paradigm is so important.

You will see that any time anyone achieved some big result, they became a different person. However reality doesn't discriminate, because of the mirror principle, it just sees the content presented to it. If you feel good now, more things will come that make you feel good, the luckier you're gonna get. Rest assured, no thought goes unnoticed.

So what is this Deity Creation Technique, and how's it gonna help?

See in India, they have many gods. A god for water, food, money, health, strength you name it, they have a god for it. Now they created these deities so that they can connect to that energy and eventually become it. Any time you are thirsty, water becomes your god. Any time you are hungry, food becomes your god. You're poor? A little bit of money becomes your god.

So this is what it is, creating a 2.0 version is about mythologizing yourself, to the point where you become this myth every day. This is the Deity Creation Technique.

There are 3 simple steps to doing it, and instead of ruining the surprise, I'll attach a complete video explaining this process. Once you're able to create this form and connect to it more and more, rest assured you WILL see these qualities manifesting in your life. One day you'll look back in SHOCK of who you've become. But it isn't immediately noticeable, since the movement of matter is so slow and the quality of matter is inert, but as you keep doing it, the effect COMPOUNDS.

Hope you enjoy this and it benefits you the same way it did for me and my clients.


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