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The Imitation Technique

Today I'm gonna share with you one of the most powerful techniques to access the Most Powerful Paradigm of Manifestation...this is called the Imitation Technique.

See I found out that whenever I manifested anything in my life, I was imitating and replicating...and I was copying someone. I saw that my mannerisms started to adopt those of my mentors who were successful in a particular field, and I was getting success after I started to imitate those qualities as well.

For example, when I wanted more attention from attractive girls in my life, I started asking myself: "what would attractive guys like George Clooney do, how would he act?" And boom, I had an image of him in mind and started acting like him, and all the girls started swooning.

When I wanted good grades, I thought of my friend Callum who was the star student in my high school, "what would Callum do? How would he take this exam?" Boom, I got a 4.0 GPA.

This is a very very subtle process, so don't miss out!

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