The Magic Pill

I've recently come to a I was observing my girlfriend's chest heave up and down as she inhaled and exhaled this realization surfaced: people aren't even breathing the right way. My whole life, people around me have been complaining about stress and anxiety, somehow I was immune to it. I always thought it was because I was brown and had a lot of turmeric in my food, however now I realize that this is not the case.

See, your body chemistry is very heavily influenced by how you breathe. Most people, like my lovely girlfriend Bridget, are breathing very shallowly, into their chests. Shallow breathing is the leading cause of anxiety and lack of relaxation. People are walking around all tensed up and protective of the very thing they've been put here to experience; the joy of life.

Here's what I discuss in this video:

- Why and how breathing shallow is ruining your life, and the law of attraction even.

- How to actually breathe into your stomach by first correcting your posture.

- How to implement stomach breathing by getting accustomed to your gut.

- How breathing into your stomach actually gets you into "receiving mode".

Let me know in the comments what you think and if this actually helped you!

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