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The Manifestation Tool That Changed The Game For Me

I had a big revelation recently.

See, I’m all about doing the right things, getting the right systems into place and taking massive action to get results towards the dreams that I want to manifest. When I wanted good grades in school, worked on aligning the right systems and took massive action. When I wanted my ideal body, again put in the right systems and took massive action. Hell, even when I wanted the girl I had a crush on, right systems and massive action.

But for a few things this didn’t work. See, I always struggled to hit my monetary goals, and I always put them in the back-burner saying: “That’s okay Quazi, everything else is going well, right?”. But that wasn’t enough, I knew I was lying to myself.

My recent breakthrough broke down this block once and for all.

See it’s not always just about putting just the right system into place. It’s also about eliminating the wrong things that are working against you.

Case in point: You want to get healthy, you begin working out, have a healthy salad… with a fries and a coke on the side (no not a diet coke even haha).

So you see, some things just start to work against you. Identifying and seeing them is more than half the work.

So now you might be wondering what the thing was that was blocking me from hitting my monetary goals?

I found out that it was my reasoning process.

We’re taught to reason in the following way: “They’re doing this, therefore this must be the right thing to do!”. This is a basic law of social proof, or reasoning by analogy.

The game-changer for me: Reasoning through first principles.

Reasoning through first principles breaks things down to their fundamental truths, and allows you to make conclusions for yourself. I’m gonna attach a video in the comments below where I explain this concept in detail, just to be respectful of your time in reading this (it could get to be a very long post lol)

But regardless, here are some key takeaways:

- Success comes from eliminating distractions, and putting in the right systems in place, not - one or the other.

- Learning to make conclusions for yourself, vs letting others make conclusions for you is a big game changer.

- Learn to reason not using analogy, but through first principles, which is the reasoning tool of billionaires.

Hope this helps and leave me a comment below to let me know what you think?

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