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The most Practical Way of Reality Creation

We talked about AT-tention in the last post. Attention is your state of awareness, and allows you to choose the particular reality that you would like to experience. IN-tention is the process whereby this reality comes into materialization.

It might sound quite simple. "I just think about what I want, then I do something to bring it into reality, right?". Yes, but you would be surprised to know that there is an effective and a non-effective way to do this.

What good is "half choosing" a dream and then "half intending" to bring it into reality? It doesn't work, so either you're fully engaged with it, or you aren't. Yes or no. 0 or 1. That's why I've made the previous video on attention, to understand how you can FULLY choose. Now, let's explore how we can FULLY intend and bring into reality.

The video below will show you how to exercise your inner intent which is your personal resolve to DO something in order to receive or experience a particular reality. For most of our personal goals, this level of intent is enough, and with a life time of hard work, we can probably achieve that which we want.

However, there is something much more powerful. Something known as outer intent. This intent is concerned not with what you do, but how the goal gets realized of its own accord; somehow the universe just gives it to you. The next video will discuss how to train your lost muscle of outer intent.

Hope you enjoy this!

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