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The "Not Manifesting" Effect

I've always wondered why sometimes, even though all of my processes are in the right place, I'm feeling good and joyful, but nothing is manifesting. However, at other times, I'm not feeling joyful and it effortlessly manifests into my life. Why does this happen?

Upon observing this behavior for a long time, these 2 concepts have changed the way I view things.


1) Why sometimes things don't come into reality immediately, even though you're focusing on all the right things and have all the right processes in place.

2) The concept of a lag time and the dual mirror and how it plays a part in making this effect happen.

3) How the surrender and letting go process plays a huge part in making your reality come into manifestation and what this means for you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think and if this video's helped you!

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