Why Is Manifestation So Damn Slow

Why is it that sometimes when I’m feeling shitty, I actually am able to manifest?

Yes, you heard that right.

This was something that bothered me for a while. I would set out on a manifestation mission. Have all the right systems in place, feel good, right attitudes etc. Days would go by, then weeks, then months. Still my attitude right, hopeful. But then… nothing. Absolutely nothing happened.

I was devastated, and losing hope. Why is it that despite having all the right things in place, things that actually helped me in the past get results (so I know it’s proven) still nothing happens? I was lost.

But then month 6, day 1. As I am just about to give up and call it quits, BOOM. There it is. It just comes in miraculously as if out of thin air. What gives?

This phenomenon took me a while to figure out, but essentially, it is due to the mirror like nature of reality. See, reality behaves as a mirror. You get what you give with people, if you feel good around people, people around you begin to feel good as well. If you feel good around reality, reality starts to reflect it in the material well being it provides you.

But, there’s a caveat: there is a delay to all of this. In this mirror of reality, once you raise your hand, reality’s mirror also reflects an image of you raising your hand, only with a time delay. The work you’re putting in now, you’ll reap the rewards of it some time from now. This is just due to the inert quality of matter. Unless you have a messiah’s mastery of intention, instant manifestation is unlikely, not impossible.

But, now that I cursed it all on month 6 day 1, and my attitudes went down, what do you think happens now? Reality begins to reflect this as well. Suddenly, everything that was going well is all of a sudden going to shit. This is why we ride the highs and lows of life.

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