Why Manifesting Will Never Work, Until You Find Out The Big "Why"...

Something I’ve been wondering do we even know which goals are right for us?

Do we just want, or do we want to fulfill some egoic need? “I want this, and that and this and that I want it all”. Most people THINK they want. I’ve been there too.

You might’ve heard me say that “you can have anything” but may not have paid attention to what follows that line, “you can have anything THAT YOU WANT”. And that means what you TRULY want. Not some goal that has been put into you by society, something that deeply resonates with you and sets your soul on fire.

I struggled a lot with this, and you can stay stuck for years and years, decades and decades, if the right juice isn’t there behind your desires. Essentially I saw this: I didn’t really want, I THOUGHT I wanted.

Most people don’t get what they want, because they don’t really want it; they THINK they want it.

I was there too, thus I struggled year after year with the same goals of “$150k in my bank account” or “dating 3 girls at once” lol. It’s not even the not having these things, but the lack of progress even, and just feeling stagnant day after day. I felt STUCK.

What really shifted this for me? Essentially it was finding out the “why” behind my wanting. Why did I want something? Why was it important to ME?

“Umm well, who doesn’t want it, right?”

Wrong, why do YOU want it?

So finding out my why was a game-changer, and that’s exactly what I show you in this video.

Once you find out your “what” and your “why”, the “how” and “when” just fall into place of their own accord. Most people think they want money, to grow taller, to get a better body, but they don’t really know why they want it. Money, height and a better body have no intrinsic value; they are just a means to an end.

We all want something, to be able to feel something else. The sooner you realize this, the sooner your reality will shift beyond your wildest dreams. Treat this with care.

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