Your Attention Is More Powerful Than You'd Think

Lately I’ve been observing something crazy.

A desire is actually born out of resistance. Somewhere, someone, out of a sheer resistance and dislike of the current state of things said: “to hell with this, I’m gonna make something much better”. Thus reality creation came to be. Any product you can think of, someone just wanted to take something, and make it even better. So the root of any desire really is the resistance of it’s opposite, right?

Now what’s even crazier, is that most people out there, have a dissatisfaction with the current state of things. Now instead of desiring for something better, they keep drumming up on the resistance and affirming the current state. “Ugh this sucks, this sucks this sucks!” What’s even crazier, is that we’ve been conditioned so deeply to do this, that this is occurring at levels we don’t notice.

Even myself, having been a deep practitioner of all of this manifestation stuff, still get caught up in patterns of resistance. This is the very thing slowing down goal achievement. It sucks, especially knowing that you actually KNOW what to do, but for some reason can’t get yourself to apply it. It’s kind of like knowing you could once move your arm, but for some reason it just won’t obey you right now. It feels horrifying, almost like being stuck.

Fret not, there is a solution to this. This comes down to understanding the nature of attention. See attention can be divided up into 3 forms: positive attention, negative attention and neutral attention. The former two have the polarity to attract reality, the latter dissolves reality and gets you into the infinite consciousness state, most popularly used my yogis and spiritualists for states of transcendence.

Any time you hate something, you attract more of it. Any time you love something, you attract more of it. It may not seem like it, and that’s because you’ve never loved something as intensely as you’ve hated something else. Seriously, just give it a try, you’ll be shocked.

So here’s a three step exercise that I’ll share with you, as well as a personal story of mine, that helped me overcome this.

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